Issue one of American Dark Age is finally available online again. Since Graphicly became defunct, ADA hasn’t been available in digital format and we’ve been waiting quite a while now for approval and then release of Issue one from Comixology and that day has finally arrived. Click the image and you can read ADA issue one at Comixology and by this time next month they will be releasing the next issue, and you will finally be able to read issue two as well! Read it! Love it! Rate it!

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Updates and announcements aplenty, Megabrainiacs!

First and foremost; to those of you who have stuck with us all this time, I thank you so much. We’ve all gone through a lot since starting this little company and you got in the car with us without any idea where we were taking you, AND WE COULD’VE BEEN SERIAL KILLERS OR SOMETHING!..but we’re not. We make comics and we enjoy lotion safely OUT of baskets.


ANNOUNCEMENT NUMBER ONE: I’ve just uploaded issue number one and issue number two of American Dark Age to Comixology and they will both be available digitally as soon as I get approval from the company. Unfortunately Comixology doesn’t allow you to submit your books with a free price tag on them, so from now on ADA will be .99 cents in digital form. We’ll try and make it worth your while though and bombard your life with tons of other extras and freebies whenever we can.


ANNOUNCEMENT NUMBER TWO: For a while now I’ve been going through a very personal bit of legal hullabaloo that forced me to put a halt to most Megabrain production and business, but that will be coming to an end soon and when it does, next month the remainder of the Kickstarter rewards will ship along with the printed and beautiful copies of American Dark Age issue number 2. I am insanely excited about this issue! Aside from the long wait we’ve had in the release, we’ve got two fantastic editions to the production team on issue two. This pencils were inked with the surgical skills of Charles Barnett III who was mentored by none other than the legendary Joe Sinnott. After the laughable job of lettering issue number one that I had done, I decided to call in the big guns for issue two. Erica Schultz of M3 and Revenge fame herself took my words and brought them to life, literally. I just wish the lettering came with a sampling of her husbands banana bread.
A.J. I need a fix, man!!

1920501_10153870841435615_1557383061_nANNOUNCEMENT NUMBER THREE: And in my opinion THE MOST exciting.
Starting with ADA issue number three, Claudia Aguirre will be the new artist at the helm of Brody’s adventures.
That’s not all you crazy kids. Get back over here!
Not only are we absolutely jazzed about her coming on-board, but she will be bringing an element to the book that we didn’t think would happen for a long time. COLOR!!! That’s right campers, from here on out, American Dark Age is going to be a technicolor masterpiece.

Punkass-brody-designsDon’t worry, we will be posting character designs and sketches and updates as she sends them from her command center in Mexico.

I wish I could effectively express how psyched I am to have Claudia crafting these stories with me. She’s a monster talent and the woman is more punk rock than Katherine Brody with a funny and kind heart. Definitely check out all the pages and sites that she’s currently a part of.

So there you have it, Megabrainiacs. It’s been tough towing this line and rough driving this road, but the Megabrain keeps truckin.

Thank you, again and again and again, for your patience, support, encouragement and… did I say patience?

We are Groot…I mean, you are the greatest fans a man could ask for.

Thank you,
Jean Michel
writer of American Dark Age

From her bio: Claudia is a sequential artist and illustrator who lives and dreams in a little corner of the earth, but nomad at heart. An avid reader, Loves kittens, monsters, fantastic universes and the wonders of small things. Draws everything in a variety of styles and moods, from children’s illustration to epic fantasy and Sci-Fi, adventure and action. She has participated as an illustrator in numerous small apps and games for Playful interactive, and published two books “La maison bleue” (2012) and “Malice is—” (2013)under the seal of Boudika Comics. She also publishes weekly comics strips at her Website, Catscratch the webcomic (2014) and now is a welcome member at Megabrain Comics as the new artist of American Dark Age.