Our Founders

The Lobes

After the failure of their rock band, HELVETICA (mostly due to the fact that they had no other band members, instruments or musical talent), office mates Michael Vuolo & Jean Michel embarked on a new endeavor involving a subject they both loved since childhood – creating comic books.

Breaking free from the constraints of the office cubicle that thwarted their creative instincts at every turn, Mike and Jean created a MEGABRAIN.

A construct of such diabolical and nigh-invulnerable proportions that it could only be controlled through the collective, creative powers of five artists.
As the mighty Voltron before them, Megabrain comes together at times of creative recession in the world to bring you all the comic books you need…and to kill robeasts.

A pact was forged with Michael (Editor-in-Chief), Jean (Chief Creative Officer) and Georgia Horesh, Mandy Vuolo and Joseph Silver. A pact forged in Mountain Dew and Cool Ranch Doritos.
As the lobes of this MEGA-BRAIN they shall strive to make things up and write them down in words and pictures so that you, brave reader, shall want for new mythologies and adventures NO MORE!!

So put on your reading glasses, pack your pipe, and prepare yourselves cowboys and cowgirls, because WE ARE GOING TO CHANGE YOUR READING HABITS.