American Dark Age
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The Story

The comic book American Dark Age is set in the near future. A mysterious event renders all combustion based machinery, modern weaponry, and electric technology impotent and useless throwing the world in to a new dark age.

The story focuses on Katherine Brody, a young punk singer from Oregon. Against the wishes of her widowed father, she joins the Marines and becomes a sword-wielding knight. Brody begins the story as an angry and unfocused young woman with no real idea of who she is or what she stands for. Throughout the series, her personal growth begins to shape not only her own sense of self and beliefs, but those of the people she encounters and in part, the future of the country she calls home.

Brody’s journeys take her and a small team of Marine Corps “knights” from the bloody shores of California across the now harsh and lawless landscape of the United States. While on a series of adventures revolving around the schemes of clandestine religious organizations to a country wide invasion by our closest neighbors and allies, Brody’s prowess as a warrior and leader is honed to a deadly science. Eventually the volatile political atmosphere and unrest in the US brings the knights to Europe in search of new allies, as well as to find answers to the cause of the mysterious event that set all of this into motion.

American Dark Age is filled with political intrigue, humor, drama and ultra-violent, sword clashing battle scenes. The comic book takes a new look at the American spirit and reveals what the true foundations of our country are built on. It also draws awareness to some of the pitfalls that our hyper-technological world has opened up to us. American Dark Age reflects on what our lives would be like without instant forms of communication, high speed travel, and global, virtual currency. It shines a light on how much warfare has changed, not in just the ways we fight our wars, but also as to what the motivations for our wars have become.




“Did you read The Walking Dead or Kick-Ass BEFORE they were big mainstream movies?
Don’t you wish you could say you had?
American Dark Age is a beautifully drawn, sensitively written mash-up of swordplay, religious conspiracy, and punk-rock twenty-something drama.
It’s the perfect elevator pitch- “Army of Darkness meets The Road Warrior.”
Read it now- or you’ll pretend you did later!”

John Hazard creator of Frankenstein Superstar


…a fun romp into Armageddon, with a side-serving of punk rock and a kick arse heroine to boot.

Emmet O’Cuana writer @ Comic Booked

Taylor’s art throughout is of a fantastic quality. She manages to fill every frame without making it just feel like filler, everything is in there for a reason. Heavy metal sensibilities abound giving the overall product a feeling somewhat similar to that of Kevin Eastman and Simon Bisley’s The Melting Pot.

You could be forgiven for thinking that American Dark Age was published by one of the big guys. The art and writing are both of a professional standard, giving me no doubt that these crazy kids will make their way onto the payrolls of the big guys in no time.

Ryan Huff writer @ The Geek of Oz and Tastes Like Comics

American Dark Age is a comic book tour de force by its creator, Jean Michel and the artist who gave it form, Jacqueline Taylor

Jean David MichelJean Michel is an American comic book writer, illustrator, graphic designer and retired ne’er-do-well. He is one of the founding members of Megabrain Comics as well as their Chief Creative Officer. He is best known for absolutely nothing yet.

An avid fan of the fantasy, sci-fi and steampunk genres and an unabashed fan of punk rock, heavy metal and rock & pop music, AMERICAN DARK AGE is his love letter to them all.

Born and raised in Rockland County, NY, Jean was drawing before he could talk and creating stories as far back as he can remember. After being bribed with comic books to do his chores by his sisters at a young age, the addiction to graphic sequential storytelling has remained a part of his life ever since.
He still hates doing chores though.

It wasn’t until meeting his writing partner, Michael Vuolo while freelancing at a soul sucking cubicle job that the prospect of creating his own comic book began to seem an attainable goal. Many rough drafts and a new iMac later, the script for AMERICAN DARK AGE was complete and ready to be brought to life.

Jean wrote a DeviantArt journal ad calling for artist submissions and the gallery of a young animator from Ontario, Canada was brought to his attention.

“When I saw Jac’s artwork it not only had the right combination of violence and humor in it that I was looking for, but it was accomplishing that in a visual language that I happen to speak fluently.”

After a long period of pre-production between Jean and Jac, AMERICAN DARK AGE was finally realized and ready for it’s debut at NY Comic Con. The end of this story is just beginning.

Jean currently lives in upstate New York with his girlfriend, Jessica and their four-year old son, Diego.

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Jacqueline TaylorBorn a proud Newfoundlander and raised as an Ontarian; Jacqueline Taylor has dedicated her life to the arts.

Singing, dancing and instruments? Not so much…
( Although pretty talented at the noise making…) Drawing, sculpting, painting and animating- Hells Yeah!

After receiving her Animation degree at Algonquin College, Ottawa Ontario, where she created her first animated film “Jinxed“, Jac decided to submerge herself in the dreaded world of comic books. – cue the spooky music.

A true fangrrl of the medium, she is passionately inspired by any of Joss Whedon’s creations, whether it be comic or film, but then again, she enjoys anything with a lot of excessive ass-kicking and monster killing, as seen in some of her favorite titles, Astonishing X-men, Y the Last Man and Runaways.

She has worked in the past with Angry Gnome Comics in several of the Short-Stack series and currently, she is penciler and inker for the big bag of awesome that is Megabrain’s American Dark Age.

Jacqueline Taylor

Cerridwen from Jacqueline Taylor’s comic book, ‘The Elements’

Aside from all that jazz; she basically devotes her blood & soul to her own comic book, ‘The Elements’ that she hopes to debut in the near future.

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