What’s everyone saying about American Dark Age?
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“…American Dark Age just so happens to be a fun romp into Armageddon, with a side-serving of punk rock and a kick arse heroine to boot.





Great art? Check. Intriguing storyline? Check. Pretty rock chick with a bad attitude and a broad sword? Check, one, two!





Without wanting to sound premature or make an unfair comparison, his [Jean Michel} voice reminded me quite a bit of early Alan Moore…




My support your independent publisher gene kicks in and I buy the book. I was blown away.





What’s the staff of Megabrain Comics saying?
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An Interview with Jean Michel creator of American Dark Age by his girlfriend who really doesn’t care

An Interview with Jac Taylor, artist of American Dark Age





the lesbian geek

Do you speak French?
Me neither, but The Lesbian Geek does and she interviewed Jean David Michel of Megabrain Comics…in French.
Check it out.
FYI – I think Google Translate speaks French.



The staff of Megabrain Comics chatting it up and making fools of themselves.
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I Sell Comics - Mike & Ming from Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash interview Jean Michel, creator of the comic book series American Dark Age

Mike & Ming from Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash and the AMC TV show, Comic Book Men speak to Jean Michel about his comic book series, American Dark Age.


comic booked chat

“In this week’s episode, Sarah has the pleasure to interview Jean Michel, writer of Megabrain’s successful comic, American Dark Age.



the caption box


Rob Base and Juan Pineda sit with the team behind Indie comic American Dark age, Megabrain Comics and Jean might be drunk, but don’t tell anyone.



Gavin meets the guys behind American Dark Age from Megabrain Comics and we suspect may have been a bit confused by the situation.