The Story of Megabrain Comics

American Dark Age

Way back in 2009 a friend and I were sitting in a cubicle together making widgets or sprockets or something along those lines, all the while cooking up comic book ideas and stories we wanted to create. We chose an idea that I was working on about a cataclysmic global event that changes the world and our way of life as we know it, and Megabrain Comics was born as a publishing company to get that story out to the masses.  Eventually, after writing, editing, searching for an artist and overall production time, a group of nerdy friends made their very first comic book together. AMERICAN DARK AGE issue #1 debuted at the 2011 NY Comic Con and it was a pretty amazing experience, but by the next year, everyone’s lives had diverged to the point where Issue #2 of American Dark Age would be the last issue. 

Cut to July of 2017 — One night, around hour two of my fiancee (now wife and mother of my twin boys) listening to a friend and myself swapping glory stories about our days in the comic shops of our youth, she interjected, “You guys should open a comic book store in Rhinebeck.” And that was that. From the moment her words hit my ears, the wheel was set in motion. The next day I scoured Rhinebeck for any available commercial storefronts and four months later, on a tiny side street in the village, Megabrain Comics opened its doors to the public as a retail shop. 

Jean David, Alex, and Diego Michel

For almost two years our family worked very hard to give the Rhinebeck community a safe space where they could engage in thoughtful conversations about comics and pop-culture, explore new and exciting comic books, and connect with like-minded nerds from all over the Hudson Valley. It was phenomenal and it was also painfully educational as I soon learned what my strengths and weaknesses were in business. Some extremely difficult times meant we either needed to close the doors of our clubhouse or find someone to help us get the shop above water.


Brian Tamm and his Fam

Enter, Brian Tamm — local dad, born and raised in Rhinebeck. Brian is the bass player in the kick@ss punk band El Front (formerly of Lettuce Boy, White Knuckle Rodeo and Lounge) and he’s also the owner of a local contracting business in town, PMA Carpentry. Brian and his family were regular Megabrain customers from week one and when he heard the shop was in trouble, he reached out to let us know he was interested in helping. We talked a bunch about what each of our overall visions for the shop were, and once all the eyes were dotted and the tees were crossed, Brian Tamm was officially our partner.

Megabrain Arcade Room

Brian is an avid practitioner of pinball wizardry and retro video/ arcade game enthusiast and proceeded to transform the game room in the back of Megabrain into what is now one of the coolest arcades this side of the 1980’s. 

From that moment on he and I have worked together at making Megabrain Comics and Arcade a fun and prosperous business, which paid off the day we heard a larger, more centralized storefront was available in the center of Rhinebeck Village. A storefront that many years prior had been Rhinebeck’s bookstore — before our beloved Oblong Books & Music came to town, of course. Seemed serendipitous that we might be able to bring back its literary roots, so we checked it out and decided it would be the perfect place to bring Megabrain into the next chapter of it's nerdy little life. 

Megabrain Market Street Storefront

What followed was many weeks of back breaking and tedious work, as well as a saintly amount of patience and understanding from our amazing wives. On February 20th 2020 at 15 East Market St. Rhinebeck, NY, Megabrain 2.0h Damn! was born. Our families are really looking forward to being around for a long time to come as Megabrain continues to fulfill the nerdy needs of comic and gaming fans everywhere. 

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-- JDM

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