Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #47


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Having been stiffed out of payment for his last battle with Spider-Man by the Green Goblin because of the Goblin's apparent demise, Kraven the Hunter decides to go after the "middle-man" that sought him out when he was hired for the job: Norman Osborn (Kraven is unaware that the Goblin and Osborn are the same man and that Norman has no memory of his alter ego.)

Meanwhile, everyone is planning a going away party for Flash Thompson before he leaves for the Army to fight in Vietnam. As Peter Parker and friends prepare for the party, Kraven tries to find Osborn, attacking his office and his home to try and find him. When this fails, Kraven decides to attack the party and kidnap Osborn's son Harry to try and ransom him off.

However, when Kraven appears, Peter sneaks away and changes into Spider-Man and battles Kraven. During the fight Norman Osborn arrives and is roped up by Kraven who demands payment. However, due to his selective amnesia pertaining to anything he did as Green Goblin, Osborn has no clue what Kraven is talking about. When Kraven drops Osborn off a partially built skyscraper, Spider-Man goes to his rescue. Kraven manages to escape, and Peter has to switch back to his civilian identity before his absence is noticed so he can't go after Kraven.

After everyone's settled down, Peter wishes Flash Thompson farewell, the two deciding to bury the hatchet and be friends.

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