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Cover art by Johnny Craig. "Fall Guy for Murder," script by William Gaines (plot) and Albert B. Feldstein (plot, script), art by Johnny Craig; Harry calls in his good friend, best man and private-eye, Gregg Saunders, to investigate the sudden disappearance of his wife, Edith; He finds a clue in a murder mystery novel called "Fall Guy For Murder." "Juice for the Record!", script by Albert B. Feldstein, art by Bill Elder; Seeing his only son involved with shady criminal elements, old Pop Martin tries to persuade his son to get away from that element and turn to decent pursuits; When he refuses and is shot by a crook that he supposedly swindled, Pop decides to record a confession implicating himself as the murderer of a crook giving Richie a hard time. "Eight Bar Rest," script by Albert B. Feldstein, art by Marie Severin; Sure that his counselor-at-law can get him off on a temporary insanity plea, Barney tells his attorney in the prison cell block how he was hired, along with fellow musician Ernie Treble, to play a gig at a local club; but Ernie was a fanatic for facts, and every time the duo broke into song, Ernie would bore Barney to death with facts. "Frozen Assets!", script by Albert B. Feldstein, art by Jack Kamen; Lovers Mort and Helen, wanting to insure that Helen's husband (and thus her as well) would receive his aunt's $200,000+ inheritance, murder the husband and hide him away in a freezer, awaiting the aunt's death. "From Here to Insanity," script by Bill Gaines (co-plot) and Al Feldstein (co-plot, script), art by Reed Crandall; A homicidal maniac, having committed several murders of young women because they could identify him, takes up residence in an old woman's apartment in order not to be discovered by the police. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

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