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The Elseworlds Annuals event, the DC Universe's journey into remote realms of possibility, concludes in what may be the darkest Elseworld yet. Set in Nazi Germany, one of Adolf Hitler's elite strikes a bargain with a demon who grants him a ring with power to ensure a Nazi victory in World War II. Fifty years later, America is a fascist state, with Party members Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner forced to contend with a band of freedom fighters known as Green Lanterns led by Oliver Queen and John Stewart. But the balance of power suddenly shifts when a doubting Hal Jordan is given the evil ring by an odd little man. Now Jordan must battle Guy Gardner - also empowered with a ring - and learn the horrifying and deadly secret behind the green power. Written by David DeVries, with art and cover by Dean Zachary and Andrew Pepoy. 68 pages. Cover price $2.95.

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