HAWKEYE (1983) #01

HAWKEYE (1983) #01


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"Listen to the Mockingbird" Guest-starring Mockingbird. Script by Mark Gruenwald. Art by Mark Gruenwald (pencils) and Brett Breeding (inks & embellishes). Cover by Mark Gruenwald and Brett Breeding. At last the Avengers' ace archer has his own limited series! And at the moment life is great for Clint Barton with a new job, new rocket-sled, and new girlfriend! But a late night encounter with a mysterious woman called Mockingbird turns Hawkeye's dream world upside down! The ex-SHIELD agent tells the bowslinger that his employer, Cross Technological Enterprises, is involved in criminal activities! But Hawkeye doesn't believe her! However he will... after he's double-crossed by Cross! Retelling of Hawkeye's origin. Flashback cameos by Barney Barton, Iron Man, Captain America, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and the Swordsman. (Notes: Mockingbird previously appeared in Marvel Team-Up 95. This four-part limited series was reprinted in 1988 in the trade paperback: Hawkeye; and again in 2009 in the trade paperback: Avengers Hawkeye.) 32 pages. Cover price $0.60.

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