INCREDIBLE HULK (1962-1999) #367

INCREDIBLE HULK (1962-1999) #367


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Cover art by Walt Simonson. Countdown Part 1: Madman, script by Peter David, pencils by Dale Keown, inks by Marie Severin; With the Hulk severely weakened by the poison running through his system, the Leader sends him to take down Madman who turns out to be his brother, Phil Stearns; With less than an hour left to live, the Hulk battles Phil and his multiple personalities; He hits Phil with the same poison that is killing him, forcing his enemy to go for the antidote which he ends up taking for himself; Turning into Banner and with seconds left to live, Bruce cures himself with the antidote but isn't so kind to the rapidly dying Madman. 1st Dale Keown work on the Hulk. 36 pgs. $1.00.

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