MARVEL TALES (1966-1994) #8

MARVEL TALES (1966-1994) #8


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THE MENACE OF...MYSTERIO!: Mysterio first frames Spider-Man for a crime wave, then challenges him to a battle on top of the Brooklyn Bridge.

THE THREAT OF THE TORRID TWOSOME: The Acrobat tricks the Human Torch into helping him rob a bank before double crossing him. The Torch chases and captures the thief with the help of the Fantastic Four.

WHEN WAKES THE COLOSSUS!: An alien warlord builds a giant statue to intimidate the superstitious, but it comes to life and takes the side of the rebels against him.

TRAPPED BY THE CARBON-COPY MAN: The heir to the throne of a race of shape-shifting aliens leads an attack on Earth as his rite of passage. The aliens replace officials in New York and disrupt the government, but Thor discovers their plan and defeats them.

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