• Year: June 1985
  • Script: Alan Moore
  • Pencils: Rick Veitch
  • Inks: John Totleben
  • Colors: Tatjana Wood
  • Letters: John Costanza
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Publisher: DC Comics

Characters: Abigail Cable; John Constantine; Swamp Thing

An acclaimed Swamp Thing issue featuring the first appearance of the rogue exorcist and modern day sorcerer, John Constantine, also known as Hellblazer. He has gone on to become one of the greatest heroes in DC/Vertigo history.


This issue passes by in days. Starting on the first day we see a small seed growing; elsewhere Abby is eating lunch at her job with a man named Tim. On the second day, the seed has grown a small stem; elsewhere a blond man named John is talking at a club with a woman named Judith. On the third day the stemmed seed has grown two small leaves, it thinks and realizes it is the Swamp Thing. On the fourth day Abby is out in the swamps with a hooded jacket a flashlight calling out Alec's name. There she comes across the small stemmed seed.

On the fifth day John Constantine is talking to a boy named Benjamin who tell him they have about 12 months to prepare for something. The sixth day Abby is watering and tending to the plant she found. The seventh day Abby finds a hole in the small bloated planted she has been caring for. She reaches for insecticide, thinking there are insects but the hole is a mouth and Alec tells her not to use the spray as it stings. The eighth day John is talking to a nun who warns of a great evil coming back. The tenth day Alec now has a head with working eyes and mouth. Abby and him discuss the events that occurred after Alec's apparent "death".

The eleventh day John is at the home of a woman named Emma who has drawn a picture of a possible adversary. The twelfth day Swamp Thing is contemplating over the transformation he has just gone through, though half his body is still unformed and in the ground. The thirteenth day shows Abby leaving the swamp in her car when a shadowy figure in the backseat greets her. Abby returns with Constantine who tells Alec that he has threatened Abby with exposure of her choice in a lover. He tells him that perhaps they could help each other out. John explains that Alec could use his newfound ability to regrow for instant transport to anywhere in the world.

Suddenly John decides to leave after telling him of a great danger but by now Alec is already intrigued; elsewhere at the home of Emma her drawing comes to life. John tells him that he needs him to visit a couple of places starting with Rosewood in a about a week. Back at Emma's the drawing has materialized and attacks her, she falls out her window and falls to her death. On the seventeenth day Abby is talking to fully formed Alec but there is something else on his mind, Rosewood, her words go unheeded.

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