STARRIORS  1-3 (1984)

STARRIORS 1-3 (1984)

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STARRIORS is the robot toyline created by Tomy in association with Marvel Comics

"Discovery!" Written by Louise Simonson. Art by Michael Chen. In the distant future, Earth is a barren wasteland and complete uninhabitable by humans. Mankind lies in suspended animation, waiting for the day when they can be revived and once again take control of the planet. Watching over them are mighty robots. There are two factions, the peaceful Protectors rebuild and plan for the day when man will return, and the warrior class Destructors, designed and armed to protect the planet from alien invasion. The Protectors seek to reawaken the rightful rulers of the planet, but the Destructors have no intentions of relinquishing their rule. Thus, the Quest begins!

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