SUPERBOY (1949-1979) #204

SUPERBOY (1949-1979) #204


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Cover art by Nick Cardy. The Legionnaire Nobody Remembered, script by Cary Bates, art by Mike Grell; The Legionnaires ponder a photo in their archives featuring a Legionnaire no one remembers, Anti-Lad; The readers are told how a time traveler from the far-distant future saw Superboy being rejected by the Legion in his initial tryout and went to the Legion's time to make sure they gave the Boy of Steel a second chance. Brainiac 5's Secret Weakness!, script by Cary Bates, art by Mike Grell; Brainiac 5 misses Supergirl so much his subconscious mind creates an android version of her; When Brainy and his android get into trouble, the real Supergirl saves them and announces she is leaving the Legion. 36 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.20.

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