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#1: Written by Miles Gunter. Art by Victor Santos. New York City. The human power elite have forked over a million bucks a plate to dine at a black market restaurant. The main course: demons freshly summoned from the bowels of Hell. Eating their diabolical flesh will grant these people powers beyond human comprehension. But when things go horribly wrong, the demons ravage the restaurant patrons and spill out into the night. And so the powers that be call upon the Demon Cleaner, an unholy force in the guise of a man, whose twin hand cannons are the only thing that can stop our planet from turning into an all-you-can-eat buffet for these Satanic fiends!


#2: Written by Miles Gunter. Art by Victor Santos. After a clash with a demonically possessed ice-skating rink, Demon Cleaner tracks the the parasitic remnants of his target to Peace Park, where it merges with a bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi. Can Demon Cleaner keep this monument to peace from becoming a walking slaughterhouse? Brace yourself for 24 pages of wall-to-wall action like you've never seen!


#3: Written by Miles Gunter. Art by Victor Santos. Demon Cleaner faces off against his final and deadliest target: a siren priestess of Hell worshiped like a god by millions of condemned fiends. The creature's beauty makes Angelina Jolie look like the Elephant Man, and her mind is so wicked it'd make Charles Manson curl up in the fetal position. Can Demon Cleaner stop her from transforming our world into a blood orgy of doom?



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