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Norman, OK's Shitty/Awesome is a band that straddles the paradoxical line between the farcical and substantive. Like a cold malt liquor on a hot day, Shitty/Awesome was born of the idea that quality of the input does not always match output. Shitty/Awesome is composed of Will Muir (guitar and vocals), Joey Powell (bass, backing vocals, and keyboards when not broken), Derek Lemke (Guitars), and Travis Searle (backward drums. ) On a fateful road trip to SXSW in 2009, the four decided to create a post-punk influenced garage band completely uninterested in being sleek or even comprehensible, like the indie trite they had spent their weekend standing in various lines to see. The boys of S/A wanted a band that would fill local basements and house parties with loud, sweaty, quivering masses interested in little more than having fun, dancing like maniacs, and eventually passing out in the backyard. Taking notes from garage rock and post-punk legends like Tyevk, The Cramps, Suicide and The B-52's, Shitty/Awesome has extended the formula even further to create a noisy, hairy cacophony that they can proudly call their own. Metaphorically speaking, if garage rock is the champagne of bottled bands, then Shitty/Awesome is a bottle of model glue in the parking lot.

1 Say So
2 Birthday Suit
3 Personality Avalanche
4 S
5 A
6 Thirsty & Wet
7 Hang Up
8 Popular Song
9 Rope
10 Bear with Chainsaw Hands
11 Shreds
12 Castaway
13 Moomookaboom

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